On June 24, 2022, Athens Rotary Club held its annual luncheon ceremony to celebrate the accomplishments from the previous year and also to look ahead to the next year. 
2021-2022 Athens Rotary Club President Tere Richardson thanked the club for allowing her to serve as your President. Richardson complimented her stellar board and reviewed the goals the board set in July 2021
Goal 1: Rebuild and strengthen comradery in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The club planned a social, instituted Rotarian Spotlights, conducted surveys for feedback, and encouraged people to come back to Rotary. 
Goal 2: Increase Club Diversity in regards to ethnicity, gender, and age. Richardson said the club made great strides in some areas, but still has a lot of work to do. During the 2021-2022 year, the club welcomed 16 new members. Nine were women, and six were under the age of 40. 
Goal 3: Increase Community Awareness of Athens Rotary's contributions. The club instituted a Public Relations Manager role this year and that was filled by Blake Williams.  He worked with Susan Riddle, our public relations director, and did a fantastic job getting our social media active, updating our website, covering our speakers, and getting out news releases. 
Now, to recognize our fellow Rotarians that have helped with these and other activities that served our club and our community. 
Perfect Attendance
Attendance is a key expectation for membership in Athens Rotary because we believe in order to build goodwill and better friendships, we all need to be together in fellowship. This is why we honor and celebrate those in our club that achieves perfect attendance.  The following Rotarians had perfect attendance for the 2021-2022 club year.  
  1. For 2 years of perfect attendance Chris Hamilton
  2. For 11 years of perfect attendance Sally Marks
  3. For 50 years of perfect attendance Jimmy McClary
  4. For 14 years of perfect attendance Jim McClary
  5. For 1 year of perfect attendance Beth Patton
  6. For 5 years of perfect attendance Roy Patton
  7. For 1 year of perfect attendance Tere Richardson
  8. For 7 years of perfect attendance Susan Riddle
  9. For 5 years of perfect attendance Glenn Stokes
Orientation Committee
When prospective members are considering joining our club, a very important step in that process is meeting with our Orientation Committee.  These Rotarians are dedicated to making sure new members begin their membership with knowledge of the history of Rotary International and our Athens Rotary Club, what our club expects from our members, and what new members can expect in return. This is a thorough and entertaining discussion by a group of dedicated Rotarians. 
  1. Chair of the Orientation Committee Doug Gates
  2. Curtis Grissom
  3. Sally Marks
  4. Jimmy McClary
  5. Jimmy Woodroof (in addition to serving on the Orientation Committee, Judge Woodroof also is the Chair of the Martin-Young Committee)
Special Thank Yous
  1. Song Leader and songwriter extraordinaire - Rotarian Denver Betts
  2. Our Chaplain- Rotarian Kenny Baskins
  3. Our Books Coordinator- Rotarian Carolyn Crow
  4. Financial Consultants - Rotarian Doug Logan & Susan Regasa
  5. Adam St. John with Athens State University for weekly help with audio and visuals.
Outgoing Directors & Officers
  1. Rotarian Russ Mitchell - Outgoing Treasurer
  2. Rotarian Bryan Johnstone - Outgoing Club Administration
  3. Rotarian Chris Hamilton - Outgoing Secretary
Paul Harris Fellows 
  1. Zac Burgreen
  2. William Lawrence
  3. Kurt Leopard
  4. James McClary, Jr. +3 (3 sapphires)
  5. Mike Medlen, +1 (1 sapphire)
  6. Charles Morrison
  7. Robert Pitman
  8. Jason Reed
  9. Tere Richardson
The Martha Jo Leonard Service Above Self Award was established on June 29, 2018, and reads:
“Given to the one deemed worthy, in memory of our fellow Rotarian whose contributions of time and talent forever enriches the lives of those she touched.”
For many Rotarians, there is no question as to why our Service Above Self award is named for Martha Jo Leonard. We knew her, we appreciated her many contributions, and we loved her. Martha Jo was the keeper of the keys, our institutional knowledge, our go-to resource for all things Rotary, and come to think of it this could be said for our community in general. She was a giver and a doer.
2021-2022 Athens Rotary President Tere Richardson Statement
“I can’t think of a more deserving Rotarian than this year’s recipient. A Rotarian since 2011, attendance has been a high priority for this person, living by the motto of ‘you can’t build goodwill and better friendships unless you show up!’ But the most important motto to them is ‘Service Above Self.’ I can seriously tell you what a huge heart for service this individual processes. I was Service Projects Chair for 5 years, and WITHOUT FAIL, this person was always one of the first one or two to say, “I’ll be glad to help.” This person helps with not only virtually every Rotary service project but many, many other organizations, and events throughout our community. The Veterans Museum, the City Activity Center, Senior Day, Poke Sallet, Athens Main Street events, you name it. She will be there to help.”
The 2022 Martha Jo Leonard Service Above Self Award was presented to Rotarian Sally Marks.
Incoming 2022-2023 Athens Rotary Club Board of Directors
Orman Bridges - Rotary Foundation
Janet Kenney - Membership
Susan Riddle - Club Administration
Blake Williams - Public Relations
Jeff Hodges - Giving Director
Rich Caldwell - Service Projects
Griff Redmill - Grant Coordinator 
Amy Golden - Secretary
John Hubbard - Treasurer
Mason Matthews - President
Tere Richardson - Immediate Past President 
Denver Betts - President-Elect
Susan Riddle - Secretary-Elect 
Sergeant at Arms - Jim Moffatt
Financial Consultant - Doug Logan